This is the main text for the Shop (Single) module. The text here is optional and a picture can also be set to appear to the right.

Options that have been disabled in this example include Attribute use, although Minimised Display is still enabled.

Content displayed here and above can only be set in our Control Panel, while details displayed in the boxes below can also be entered via the Management Console.
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Shop Item A
This is a test shop description. The item is in stock and a picture has been uploaded.
Price : £12.55
Add to basket
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Shop Item B
This is another sample shop item description. Although pictures have been uploaded, this item is out of stock and cannot be ordered.
Price : £15.99
Item sold out
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Shop Item C
This is a sale item appearing managed from the Shop Single 2 page. This item has been marked as sale stock and therefore appears on the Shop (Sale) page.
Sale Price : £19.95
Add to basket
Shop Item D
This item has been set to appear minimised. This allows optional extras to be added without having to use pictures, therefore saving display space.
Price : £92.99
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